The unique concept behind this 2500 square meter service centre was driven by the inclusion of flagship micro-showrooms for the two companies sharing the space creating a new kind of experience for their clients. The workshop component is very efficient in its use of natural day lighting and the volume created is leveraged to create quality spaces for the mechanics social areas which are often overlooked in this building typology. A small office component is raised above the public zone and given views over the workshops which encourages a flattened social hierarchy.

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Booysens Brew Works Part 1
An experimental co-operative brewery in Booysens Reserve, a small industrial suburb in the South of Johannesburg. This, my M.Arch thesis project is a conceptualisation of the space constructed by the Imagined Community of South Africa's emergent youth culture.
Seaspray Apartment Renovation
An apartment renovation inspired by the interiors of luxury yachts | Stage 5 Architects
House Maria
A light, open plan home nestled between rich private green spaces on a small plot in Johannesburg | Xhamai Design
Beer Bricks
A dynamic facade treatment which can be modified throughout the year to allow the desired thermal balance and natural light developed in Grasshopper for the Booysens Brew Works.
Greenpoint Bathroom Pod
A contemporary refurbishment of a large apartment in an historic sea side building.
Classroom Model
A detailed model of one of the classroom modules from the Randburg College project
A week long charette, or intensive, oblique design exercise in early May 2015.
Goal Line
A large folly which seeks to revitalise a neglected urban park through reimagined spectator sports facilities
Randburg College
A school for children from junior primary to matric, designed to allow learners of all developments and sizes to engage at the level they feel comfortable.
Chapter Illustrations
Collaged images of natural and constructed landscapes over- and under-exposed by the ghostly figures of beer drinkers: an expression of the Genius Loci of Booysens Reserve.
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