2017 residential project | Xhamai Design
This six bedroom house on a game farm in the Eastern Cape sits on the crest of a hill overlooking a beautiful mountain valley. The scale of the landscape called for a material pallet of heavy stone and broad rough-cut timber sections, with part of the house sunk into the hill itself to create a cosy wine cellar accessed via a secrete staircase hidden behind the study in the main bedroom wing.

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Ongoing development and rebranding of the car manufacturer's properties in the Western Cape | Stage 5 Architects
Johannesburg Urban Fabric
A series of maps highlighting different zoning in Gauteng which reveals bands of industrial activities (red), commercial zones (green), and open space and farming (yellow) which intersect just south of the Johannesburg CBD.
A week long charette, or intensive, oblique design exercise in early May 2015.
Chapter Illustrations
Collaged images of natural and constructed landscapes over- and under-exposed by the ghostly figures of beer drinkers: an expression of the Genius Loci of Booysens Reserve.
Randburg College
A school for children from junior primary to matric, designed to allow learners of all developments and sizes to engage at the level they feel comfortable.
Ten Kraters
A range of bespoke furniture for the Booysens Brew Works project.
Goal Line
A large folly which seeks to revitalise a neglected urban park through reimagined spectator sports facilities
Beer Bricks
A dynamic facade treatment which can be modified throughout the year to allow the desired thermal balance and natural light developed in Grasshopper for the Booysens Brew Works.
Brew Works Models
Final models depicting my 2015 architectural thesis project
Louis Road Plaza
An urban scheme which re-imagines the urban fabric between Louis Botha Road and Grant Avenue as a sustainable public arts and urban farming network
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